A tumultuous year full of turmoils with the pandemic turning the world upside down has finally come to an end, goodbye 2020, and good riddance! While there is optimism for the global economy’s direction, there is an urgent need for all businesses to adapt and pivot to new realities. The Covid crisis made clear the profound impact of digitization, especially innovation driven by digital transformation. Here are some trends that gathered momentum during the last year, and that will continue to accelerate in 2021 and beyond:

Automated feature engineering and AI-powered data preparation are the key differentiators for a code-free or code-first approach to data science.

Innovation, data, and analytics leaders looking for the best data science and machine learning platform have a hard nut to crack! Selecting a data science and machine learning (DSML) platform, given how fragmented the market is, where every vendor claims to be the ideal enterprise AI platform can be jarring. The challenge is even more complex for organizations that are new to machine learning or a traditional BI background without predictive analytics experience. And ditto for application developers and software architects searching for Cloud AI services to leverage AI and ML using APIs. What are some of the technical features…

Sachin Andhare

All things about technology, product & marketing. Head of Product Marketing at dotData.

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